Chemical & Radiation Safety Offices

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Welcome to Chemical and Radiation Safety Office (CRSO) website at the University of Nebraska Medical Center!  The CRSO compliance programs are designed to protect patients, employees, students, contractors, visitors and volunteers, as well as the environment. 

Chemical Safety Office

The UNMC Chemical Safety Office, working in conjunction with the campus Chemical Safety Committee, establishes policies and procedures for the safe acquisition, use, storage and disposal of chemicals on campus.

The Chemical Safety Office also advises campus chemical users on best practices and helps the university community comply with federal, state and local environmental protection laws.

Radiation Safety Office

The UNMC Radiation Safety Office, along with members of the Radiation Safety Committee, are committed to the ongoing development and implementation of the current radiation safety program.

The Radiation Safety Office also provides a wide range of radiation services and health physics support to the University of Nebraska Medical Center community, to help comply with federal, state and local radiation protection laws.

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Chemical & Radiation Safety
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Phone: 402-559-6356
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