Bloodborne Pathogen Training (BBP)
Targeted Audience: All individuals at risk for blood and/or body fluid exposure
Frequency: Annual

Regulatory basis:

OSHA: 29 CFR Part 1920.1030
All members of the workforce are evaluated annually for risk of exposure to blood or body fluids or other potentially infected materials. Individuals who have been identified as having a reasonably anticipated exposure must review the Bloodborne Pathogen training materials and pass the appropriate test below:
  • BBP Medical test if you work in a hospital or clinical setting or are involved in direct patient care. Students are also required to complete this test.
  • BBP Research test if you are a researcher or work in a laboratory environment.
  • BBP General test if you are at risk for potential exposure to blood, body fluids, or other potentially infected materials, but do not provide direct patient care or work in a laboratory setting.

Employees who do not meet the requirements for BBP training are BBP Exempt and no training is required.

Contact: Nedra Marion, RN BSN MPA 559-7968
  John Hauser 559-7315