Grant Designated Centers

Board of Regents Approved Grant Designated Centers

(Reported to the BOR in Grant Reports still active)

Radiation Health Center (OPPD/NPPD) 1985-date
University Center of Excellence on Developmental Disabilities (DHHS/ACF/ADD) 1989-date
National AIDS Education and Training Center (DHHS) 1989-date
Cystic Fibrosis Care, Teaching and Research Center (Cystic Fibrosis Foundation) 1989-date
Nebraska Regional Hemophilia Treatment Center (DHHS/CDC) 1996-date
Upper Midwest Public Health Training Center (Univ. of Iowa) 2001-date
Nebraska Center for Bioterrorism Education (NE-DHHS) 2002-date
CFF Center - Adult Program (Cystic Fibrosis Foundation) 2002-date
Breast Cancer Center of Excellence (DOD/Army) 2003-date
USCD Tuberculosis Curriculum Coordinating Center (Federal Pass-thru) 2003-date
Denver Autoimmunity Center of Excellence (Federal Pass-thru) 2003-date
Nebraska Center for Rural Biosecurity (DHHS/CDC) 2004-date
Nebraska Geriatric Education Center (DHHS/HRSA) 2004-date
Children's Oncology Group Statistics and Data Center (National Childhood Cancer Foundation) 2004-date
Nanomedicine Center for Protein Deposition Diseases (DHHS/NIH/NEI) 2004-date