IPE Evaluation Subcommittee

The Evaluation Subcommittee is composed of members with expertise in educational assessment and evaluation. 

The subcommittee is responsible for the process and outcome evaluations of UNMC IPE days, storing evaluation data in a secure and retrievable manner, and sharing the evaluation results with the IPE Curriculum Committee for the purpose of improving IPE at UNMC. The subcommittee, which meets bi-weekly, has created survey instruments to evaluate the IPE curriculum, developed online systems to administer surveys using Survey Monkey and Blackboard, and developed online methods to analyze, store, and share survey results.

The survey instruments the subcommittee has created and used include:

  • Facilitator Evaluation of IPE Day to assess effectiveness of learning activities, group process, and effectiveness of facilitator training sessions. Since 2010, approximately 45 faculty have participated in each IPE Day. Their post-event evaluations have been used to guide annual improvements in content and logistics for the events.
  • Student Evaluation of IPE Day to assess effectiveness of learning activities and characteristics of group process.
  • Nebraska Interprofessional Education Attitude Scale (NIPEAS) to measure interprofessional attitudes of students at various stages throughout their training. Approximately 500 first-year students participate in each IPE Day. Each student is invited to complete the NIPEAS survey prior to the first event, and again after the second event. The changes in their attitudes toward IPE are tracked over the course of the year, and have shown both increased and decreased confidence in various areas.  The committee plans to expand use of the NIPEAS survey into the later stages of training for those students in multi-year programs.