Meetings/Non-Academic Policy

It shall be the policy of the University of Nebraska Medical Center that facilities use for nonacademic purposes must be scheduled using the online Centralized Room Scheduling form.


  1. Criteria for Approval/Rejection
    1. Scheduling priority will first be given to classes.
    2. Available space is primarily for the use of students, faculty, staff, employees, student organizations, academic departments, and associations/organizations affiliated with UNMC, and as such, will receive priority in the assignment of space and dates.
    3. When more than one of the aforementioned groups applies for the same space, date and time, approval will be granted on a first-come basis. Alternate rooms, if available, will be offered.
    4. The approval and assignment of a facility for political activities or demonstrations will not be authorized.
    5. Organizations/associations not affiliated with the UNMC may be granted approval to use facilities provided that a direct or immediate benefit to UNMC can be clearly demonstrated, and a sponsor (employee of UNMC or TNMC) has been identified.
    6. Meetings for personal profit will not be authorized.
  2. Rooms are reserved by contacting the Centralized Room Scheduling office via email at
  3. Centralized Room Scheduling has the discretion to make specific assignments in compliance with this policy.
  4. It is the responsibility of those using the room to return it to an orderly condition when leaving and to report any problem in the room or with the equipment to Centralized Room Scheduling.