Rooms not Scheduled through Centralized Scheduling

Listed below are rooms not scheduled through Centralized Room Scheduling

Rooms not scheduled by Centralized Scheduling

Building Location Capacity Contact Name Phone # Department
4230     Eileen Andersen 559-7284  
Annex 4 Beacon   Donna Van de Mark 559-8105  
ARS (Academic Research Services) 2006 14 Marcia Beer 559-5131 Academic Affairs
Clarkson  Storz Pavillion   Peggy Hetrick 559-4029 Catering
Clarkson Learning Ctrs   Peggy Hetrick 559-4029 Catering
Computer Cluster Rooms     LEIS 559-7665  
CRC 3449   Janet Davis 559-7685 CRC
DOC (Durham Outpatient Center) 4606   Darcy Penner 559-2711 OB-GYN
ECI (Eppley Cancer Institute) 2009 145 Charlotte Stalnaker 559-4238  
LTC (Lied Transplant Center) 2755, 2756 12   559-4029 Catering
LTC (Lied Transplant Center 2760 20   559-4029 Catering
LTC (Lied Transplant Center Red/Blue/Green/Red 8/8/8  Toni Winters 559-4988 UMA
LTC (Lied Transplant Center Education Ctr 25 Toni Winters 559-4988 UMA
MMI (Munroe-Meyer Institute)     Erlene Steele 559-6430 Munroe Meyer Media
MSB (Angle) (Medical Science Building) Angle Conf 35 Kendal Winkle 559-8888 UNMC Physicians
MSB (Medical Science Building) 1500   Lisa Stillahn 559-1010 Radiology
MSB (Medical Science Building) 45119 / 4608 10/ 20 Darcy Penner  559-2711 OB-GYN
MSB (Medical Science Building) 45110 / 4589 50/12 Toni Winters 559-8390 Surgery
MSB (McWhorter) (Medical Science Building) 3570 30 Kim Jones-Tolbert 559-4186 Pathology/Micro
MSB (Purtilo) (Medical Science Building) 3546 12 Kim Jones-Tolbert 559-4186 Pathology/Micro
UNH (University Tower) 3449   Janet Davis 559-7685  Clinical Research Center
UNH (University Tower) 7412   Patty Davis 559-2263 Pediatrics
UNH (University Tower) 7441   Mary Bond 559-7941 Oncology
UNH (Grissom) 5412A & B   Rita Laire/LeDean Gibbs 559-7539/559-6315  Internal Medicine
UNH (University Tower) PDR A/ B/C     559-4029 Catering
WHM (Wittson Hall) 3020 132 Tammy O’Donnell 559-8366 Allied Health
WHM (Wittson Hall) 8016A 6 Brenda Jeter 559-9049 ITS
East Utilities 5th floor 10 Darren Dageforde    Facilities Management

Other UNMC Room Scheduling Contact Information

Location E-mail Phone
Michael Sorrell Center (MSC)  
Distance Learning Classrooms  
Campus Events Center  402-559-5192 
Clinical Simulation Laboratory  
College of Nursing rooms  
College of Public Health Kathleen Lovgren, 402-559-4960
College of Pharmacy  

Michael F. Sorrell Center for Health Science Education

Clinical Skills Laboratory Contact or 9-9146 to coordinate all activities that utilize the Skills area in the Michael Sorrell Center for Health Science Education.
Distance Learning rooms 1005, 2018, and 3029. To schedule a distance learning course, contact Brenda Jeter in ITS/Video Services at or you can submit a request electronically at the Centralized Room Scheduling Website
Educational Classes and Activities The ESO is responsible for scheduling academic space in the Michael Sorrell Center for Health Science Education (MSC). To schedule a room, contact or visit the College of Medicine Learning Facilities page for more information.
Public Space Scheduling Candace Peteler (9-5192) schedules the Events Center, Linder Reading Room, Atria, and Student Plaza.

The Nebraska Medical Center Food Service

  E-mail Phone  
Catering Scheduling 402-559-4029 (M-F 8am -4pm)  
Allison Blake, Catering Manager 402-559-6832 or pager 888-5236