Room Scheduling Procedures

Room Scheduling Offices

With the growth and diversity of campus activities, room scheduling activities have been distributed among several different offices. These offices work cooperatively to assure that campus activities can be accommodated in appropriate facilities that best match the request for the room reservation and the priority use designation of the available space.

Atria in the Hospital or the Durham Research Center and Green Spaces on campus are scheduled through Centralized Room Scheduling but must be approved by the appropriate offices outlined on page 2.9. Use of these Public Spaces must also be in compliance with the Public Space Policy, which is coordinated through the Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance (Policy #6072). Any use of alcohol or vendor activities must have approval of that office as well as be scheduled appropriately though Centralized Room Scheduling.


The UNMC campus has a variety of rooms and auditoriums available for classes, meetings and other events. In addition many locations are equipped with permanent multimedia and distance learning equipment that may be required for presentations. Room size also ranges from small meeting room to large auditoriums suitable for large events. A complete listing of all rooms that are centrally scheduled can be found in Section 3 and on the Centralized Room Schedule web site.

Scheduling Request Form

Advanced scheduling requests are accepted using the online form.



All requests to Centralized Room Scheduling will receive an email confirmation. All other requests will be confirmed as soon as possible usually within two business day – depending on the volume of requests there may be unforeseen delays in this process.

Event Time

Events and classes will start on the hour or the half-hour. Events and classes will end 10 minutes before the hour or 20 minutes past the hour. This will promote the smooth transition from one event to another.


Conflicts will be resolved by using the established priority system and will be coordinated among the various scheduling offices as needed. Conflict resolution will be handled as follows:

Conflict resolution