Public Space Scheduling


It is the policy of The Nebraska Medical Center and the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) that public spaces in their facilities offer a positive, safe environment for patients and visitors. To ensure that public spaces are safe and reflect the image of UNMC and The Nebraska Medical Center (TNMC) all exhibits, fundraising, and sales events in these areas must receive prior approval. UNMC and TNMC reserve the right to discontinue any event which interferes with the delivery of health care, education, public service, and research, and reserve the right to remove any display or people associated with a display from its property. Please be sure that you have met all scheduling criteria prior to securing your space.

UNMC Policy #6072. More specifically it states:

The activity must be related to the mission or directly benefit The Nebraska Medical Center, UNMC, their employees, students or affiliated organizations. Only key constituent groups and university functions may be allowed except that off-campus groups may rent the Michael F. Sorrell Center for Health Science Education Truhlsen Campus Events Center, effective March 1, 2010.


Your event must meet the criteria outlined by this policy. Some of the listed public space may have additional criteria and the primary contact will provide criteria when the space is requested:

1. Verify you have met all necessary criteria for your event, to include approval from UNMC Assistant Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance or his/her designee if it is a fundraising activity. Send the Fundraising/Membership Form to Deb Thomas (, Zip 5060, Fax 559-5844).

2. Contact the appropriate person(s) for the space you would like to reserve.

3. Complete any necessary documentation to secure your space.

4. Retain your confirmation to have on your persons during your event.

Scheduling Contacts

If your project involves moving or removing furniture in any of the scheduled areas listed above you must have furniture stores move the furniture. Please contact 559-5899 to schedule your move. There will be a charge for this service. With any questions regarding scheduling a specific UNMC room please, contact Room Scheduling at 559-7254.