Additional Information/Requirements

  1. Room Scheduling will provide a written confirmation for all activities (date, time, and activity title/description). The written confirmation must be present during the event and provided to security upon request. Failure to provide supporting documentation may result in a dismissal from the space.
  2. The Chancellor will have first priority to use space. All events previously scheduled for this space are subject to be relocated. The event sponsor would be responsible for finding another location. Note: Room Scheduling will provide additional options, when available, at the time of notification.
    The remainder of the priority list will be as follows in rank order:
    • Grand Rounds
    • For credit classes
    • All other UNMC Employees, Faculty, and Students.
  3. The only authorized display locations for The Nebraska Medical Center are designated in the Clarkson Café, the Durham Outpatient Center (DOC) East Atrium on Level 2 and outside the Nebraska Café on Level 3. Authorized users will be responsible for the coordination of setup and removal of all display materials. All displays or functions scheduled in the Clarkson Café or the Nebraska Café level 3 hallway will be assessed a $25 charge to cover set-up, tear down and maintenance costs. Note: The Clarkson Tower lobby space is reserved for special displays or events sponsored by The Nebraska Medical Center and the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) executive offices.
  4. Printed materials/signage for displays or activities:
    • Will be pre-printed and placed on a tri-pod or table stand.
    • Will NOT be taped or tacked to any counter, walls, columns or floor surface.
    • The sponsoring department(s) will be billed directly for any damage caused by a display or event by facilities management.
  5. Groups must remain at their tables/displays.
  6. No materials will be delivered through the main entrances of Clarkson Tower or the Durham Outpatient Center.
  7. The number of participants or attendees of special events may be limited due to safety and physical constraints of particular areas. Capacity of specific rooms is available on the Room Scheduling Website and in the next section.
  8. Events may be cancelled or rescheduled on short notice due to emergencies.
  9. Activities must not violate any codes or obstruct any exit paths. The request must specify if the event will require relocating any furniture in the area and the placement of furniture must meet all safety requirements. The arrangements of the furnishings for an event will be approved by a campus Safety Officer to assure proper and adequate emergency exit patterns. Catering services will be involved in the approval process should the event require its services.
  10. Any coordination of transport, storage or set-up of tables, chairs, displays or banners is the responsibility of the requesting group. Expenses specifically related to and required by the event, such as facilities for moving furniture, etc. will be the responsibility of the requesting individual or organization.
  11. Trash from the event should be placed in appropriate receptacles by the sponsoring organization immediately following the event. All rented items should be removed from the area within one business day after the conclusion of the event.

Please contact Centralized Room Scheduling at 402-559-7254 if you have any questions.