Criteria for Scheduling UNMC Public Spaces

Any persons or groups who wish to use any atrium or green space must receive approval prior to any written or advertised notice of the event. You may inquire about space availability; however, the reservation will not be completed or confirmed without approval. A written request for the use of an area should be provided to Room Scheduling at least 30 days prior to the event. The Room Scheduling Coordinator will determine whether the proposed event does or does not meet the criteria listed herein.

  1. The activity must be related to the mission or directly benefit The Nebraska Medical Center, UNMC, their employees, students or affiliated organizations. Only key constituent groups and university functions may be allowed.
  2. Off-campus groups must have a UNMC or Nebraska Medical Center employee or department who serves as primary contact and sponsor.
  3. For practical reasons and safety, activities or displays will not exceed the space allocated in each location.
  4. All sales or activities for profit must have received approval by Public Affairs prior to scheduling space.
  5. All activities, displays, and people associated with them will maintain a professional environment that does not negatively impact the image of The Nebraska Medical Center or UNMC.
  6. The following type of print and audiovisual materials may not be used for any activity:
    • Materials that may be objectionable to another employee and/or the public because of race, sex, color, religion or national origin
    • Political materials
    • Obscene or pornographic materials
  7. Food activities, such as bake sales, must comply with the guidelines established by the Nebraska Department of Health. No alcoholic beverages may be served in any UNMC public space without the prior approval of the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance in the accordance with UNMC Alcohol Policy. The following requirements apply:
    • If permission is granted to serve alcoholic beverages, the event must not occur while classes are in session. The event must occur on evenings or weekends
    • Must use a catering service that can accommodate specific needs for the event and provide the name of the caterer on the application. (The use of internal catering services is encouraged).
    • Any heating devices and/or cooking equipment must be approved by Campus Safety.
    • All decorations, including candles and decorative lighting, must comply with UNMC Use of decorative materials and furnishings policy. (Hospital areas refer to Hospital policy EC 07 Decorative Materials).