In addition to fulfilling the requirements above, those activities that involve fundraising shall meet the following criteria.

Criteria for fundraising activities at UNMC

  1. All individuals involved in fundraising activities must complete a Fundraising Request Form and receive approval from the UNMC Associate Director of Public Affairs (559-9152). This person will keep these records on file.
  2. Parties requesting fundraising activities will be required to provide an explanation of how the proposed activity promotes health or directly benefits UNMC or The Nebraska Medical Center.
  3. Raffles will not be permitted.
  4. Existing sales that have established a pattern or practice can continue. However, organizers of these events will need to fill out a fundraising request form annually. Additional sales or modifications to the venue beyond those already approved will require approval by the Associate Director of Public Affairs (559-9152).
  5. Solicitation of gifts, prizes, awards or anything of value from individuals or businesses requires prior approval. Move to procedure from the Development Office at The Nebraska Medical Center (559-3040) or the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance Office at UNMC (559-6300).
  6. You must receive approval for your event from Public Affairs prior to reserving your space. See Public Space Reservation policy above.