Silver U Recipients

Department Recipients:

Kevin J. Epperson
IRB Administrator, Institutional Review Board
December 2003  

Why: "His pleasant and helpful attitude to the research community helps the researchers insure that participants in research on our campuses are informed and that research is conducted in compliance with the federal regulations,”   “In addition, Kevin has a wonderful dry and quiet sense of humor that makes our office a more pleasant place to work,"  and “He is concerned not only with the researchers and the participants in our research projects, but about his family at home as well as the office "family" in Regulatory Affairs.  He provides service to others in our community through volunteer activities, such as Scouts, coaching children's and youth sports teams, and is active in his church.”  

Sherman R. Petite
Outreach/Retention Specialist, OSEMA
February 2004  

Why:  "He supports the mission and vision of UNMC. He visits the high schools throughout the state of Nebraska in an effort to encourage their best and brightest science minds to apply for admission to the academic programs here at the medical center,” “He is dedicated to UNMC and the work he does to make sure our campus truly reflects the face of Nebraska and the US as a whole. His vision is only helping to enhance the strength of the Medical Center in the community and the region," "“He is actively involved with the Employee Diversity Network, CON Diversity Taskforce, the Minority Activities Committee, and the Northeast NE AHEC (Area Health Education Center) liaison, ” and “When you see Sherman coming, the first thing that greets you is his warm friendly smile."