Special Appointment


Academic-administrative appointments in this category do not lead to the acquisition of tenure. The Regents Bylaws list two different categories of positions which may be designated as "Special Appointment."

  1. All administrative and non-faculty professional staff positions (e.g., Dean, Assistant Dean, Chair, etc.)
  2. All appointments to faculty positions that are not "Health Professions Faculty Appointments" or "Continuous Appointments" which meet any of the following specifications:
  • Temporary or part-time appointments
  • Appointments for less than one academic year
  • Non-remunerative appointments (i.e., courtesy or volunteer)
  • Post-retirement appointments (Emeritus)
  • Appointments to "visiting" ranks
  • Appointments to Instructor and Assistant Instructor ranks
  • Appointments supported by funds over which the University does not have control or which the University cannot reasonably expect to continue indefinitely, provided that the total period of full-time service on a special appointment at the rank of instructor shall not exceed seven years.
  • Simultaneous appointments - an appointment that places an individual on a part-time academic-administrative appointment and on a part-time managerial-professional appointment at the same time. The primary home department will be defined as that associated with the larger percent of FTE or the academic department if there is an equal split.
  • Specially named professorships- faculty with full-time appointments for an academic year or longer may be nominated for a "named" professorship. The faculty member shall have clearly established and be widely recognized for excellence in his/her field. Nominations will be evaluated and recommendations presented to the appropriate college Dean and Chancellor.

Various qualifying titles are also associated with the Special appointment category. The terms are reflected in the academic rank i.e., Clinical Professor, Clinical Associate Professor, etc.:

  1. Adjunct- A non-pay appointment in an academic department for an individual who is on a volunteer (non-pay) status and is not on active pay status with any other unit at the University of Nebraska.
  2. Clinical- Individuals who are hired regardless of FTE, for the primary purpose of providing health care with varying responsibility for teaching or research are classified as clinical.
  3. Courtesy- an appointment in an academic department for an individual who is on an active pay status in some other department or unit of the university of Nebraska.
  4. Research- Persons in non-teaching positions whose responsibilities are dedicated to research supported by grant or contract funds.
  5. Visiting- A temporary, Special appointment that does not fit into one of the above categories.

A member of the faculty may hold a "Special Appointment" coincident with an "Health Professions faculty appointment" or a "Continuous Appointment" and the terms of the special appointment may be independent of the terms of the other appointment status as a faculty member. (Regents Bylaws 4.4.1)

Termination Will terminate in accordance with the time stated in the appointment to the position or in the written contract, and, if no time is stated in the appointment to the position or in the written contract, the appointment may terminate by either party giving the other at least 90 days notice of the date of termination. Such appointments may also be terminated by the University for adequate cause, disability, bona fide discontinuance of a program or department, or extraordinary circumstances because of financial exigencies. (Regents Bylaws 4.4.1)