SAHP Capital Campaign

Campaign Goal: $5M
Gifts and pledges as of 11-30-2013: $3,150,000
Percentage toward goal: 63%

Thank you from the UNMC School of Allied Health Professions to our generous donors for your commitment to excellence in allied health education, research and programs, and for your investment in the future of the allied health professions. Your tax-deductible support is appreciated---every gift, of every size, makes a difference!

This is the first time that the School of Allied Health Professions has participated in a University-wide Campaign like “Campaign for Nebraska.” This has provided a focused opportunity for the School to gain visibility; to expand programs, research and outreach; and to recruit, retain and recognize outstanding faculty and students. The School has already reached approximately 63% of its $5 million goal as of November 30, 2013.

Twenty-nine new allied health funds have been created to accomplish goals specified by their donors. The first endowed faculty positions have been established: