Projects & Collaborations


Electromyographic Analysis on Skills Acquisition and Learning
Sleep Deprivation, Stress and Recovery on Postural Stability in Farmers
Effect of Tai Chi Exercise on Physical Improvement in Older Adults
Investigator: Joseph Siu (PI)

Web-based Weight Loss & Weight Maintenance Intervention for Older Rural Women
Investigator(s): Patricia Hageman (Co-I), Carol Pullen (PI)

HEART CAMP: Promoting Adherence to Exercise in Patients with Heart Failure
Investigator(s): Joseph Norman (Co-I), Bunny Pozehl (PI)

Cognition and Gait during Dual Task Performance in Older Adults
Investigator(s): Dawn Venema (PI), Joseph Siu (Co-I)

Non-invasive Cranial Nerve Stimulation in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
Investigator(s):  Kathleen Volkman (Co-PI), Max Kurz (PI)


Motor Analysis Lab, Munroe-Meyer Institute, UNMC
Nebraska Biomechanics Core Facility, University of Nebraska at Omaha