CMOVA News & Updates

May 2, 2013
Open House

August 2013
NASA Mini-Grant Award
Dr. Siu was awarded $15,013 from the NASA Nebraska Space Grant to conduct a new study to investigate the optimal training model for skills learning and retention in Telemedicine.

July 2013
Summer Research Award
Four DPT students received 2013 Student Summer Research Awards from the College of Medicine, UNMC: Zachariah Douglas, Candice Chessum, Troy Goetsch, and Megan Bradberry.

May 2013
Honorable and Distinguished Scientist
Dr. Hageman was honored with the Karen Linder Distinguished Professorship for Women's Health and named as one of the UNMC's Distinguished Scientists for 2012. Congratulations!

April 2013
Nebraska Banker Association Research Award
Dr. Siu was awarded $14,330 from the Nebraska Banker Association to acquire a new portable device to analyze balance stability and gait patterns.