About the Profession

What is a Perfusionist?

A perfusionist is a skilled, allied health professional, trained and educated specifically as a member of an open-heart, surgical team. Perfusionists are responsible for the selection, setup, and operation of a mechanical device commonly referred to as the heart-lung machine.

If you were a perfusionist...your job would be to operate the life-sustaining equipment that keeps patients alive during major surgical procedures.

Find out how you can be a part of this challenging and rewarding career!

Masters Degree Clinical Perfusion (MDCP) Distance Option
The Clinical Perfusion Education Program at UNMC also has a perfusionist Masters Degree Clinical Perfusion (MDCP) Distance Option. This online program is designed for working perfusionists who have completed an accredited perfusion education program in the United States, have a bachelors degree separate from their perfusion training, and would like to earn a Masters of Perfusion Science degree.

The masters of perfusion science degree in clinical perfusion is achieved through an Individual Plan of Study that tailors your clinical and educational background to your professional goals. All the required courses are available through distance learning technology. This allows you access to UNMC while continuing to work in your community.

For more information on the MDCP, click here.