Diagnostic Medical Sonography

The twelve month DMS curriculum provides the student with a comprehensive didactic and clinical education to prepare them to be competent, entry level sonographers.


Course # Course Title Credit Hours
RSTE 312S Applied Ultrasound Technology I 4.0
RSTE 314S Diagnostic Film Review I 2.0
RSTE 331S Obstetrical Conference I 1.0
RSTE 332S Gastrointestinal Ultrasound 3.0
RSTE 401S Ultrasound Physics I 1.0
RSTE 415S Orientation to Diagnostic Medical Sonography 2.0
SAHP 423 Principles of Critical Inquiry 2.0
    15.0 Total


Course # Course Title Credit Hours
RSTE 402S Applied Ultrasound Technology II 5.0
RSTE 403S Diagnostic Film Review II 2.0
RSTE 405S Obstetrical Conference II 1.0
RSTE 407S Advanced Obstetrical Ultrasound 2.0
RSTE 408S Gynecological Ultrasound 1.0
RSTE 409S Genitourinary Ultrasound 1.0
RSTE 419S Professional Projects I 2.0
RSTE 451S Ultrasound Physics II 1.0
     15.0 Total


Course # Course Title Credit Hours
RSTE 421S Professional Projects II 1.0
RSTE 452S Applied Ultrasound Technology III 5.0
RSTE 453S Obstetrical Conference III 1.0
RSTE 454S Diagnostic Film Review III 2.0
RSTE 455S High Resolution Sonography 1.0
RSTE 456S Neurosonography 2.0
    12.0 Total