Robert H. Fuchs

Division of Physical Therapy Education
University of Nebraska Medical Center
984420 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-4420
(402) 559-8172

Academic Appointments:
Assistant Professor, Division of Physical Therapy Education, UNMC, 1990
Associate Professor, Division of Physical Therapy Education, UNMC, 2007

MA, Department of Biology, University of Nebraska at Omaha, 1976
BSPT, Division of Physical Therapy Education, UNMC, 1984
Assistive Technology Professional (RESNA Professional Standards Board), 2002 to present
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (National Strength and Conditioning Association), 1996 to present

Primary Teaching Responsibilities:
PHYT 614, Therapeutic Exercise for Special Populations
PHYT 630, Prevention and Wellness
PHYT 624, Orthotics and Prosthetics

Scholarly Activity:
Research interests: Assistive technology outcomes measurement and measurement of educational technology outcomes

Articles published in scholarly journals:
Meyer KP, Hageman PA, Fuchs RH, Tyler AE, Karst, GM. 2005. Finis origine pendet: Enhancing later learning and professional socialization through an introductory DPT course. Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice, 2005; 3,2.

Fuchs, RH, Gromak, PA. Wheelchair use by residents of nursing homes: effectiveness in meeting positioning and mobility needs. Assistive Technology 2003; 15.2: 151- 161.

Norman JF, VonEssen SG, Fuchs RH, McElligott M. Exercise training effect of on obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. Sleep Research Online 2000; 3: 121-29.

Willett GM, Schuerman SE, Boonyawiroj EG, Fuchs RH, Bilek LH, and Norman JF. A description of one program=s experience utilizing final year physical therapy students as teaching assistants. Journal of Physical Therapy Education 1998; 12: 17-25.

Hageman PA, Fuchs RH. Student attitudes toward rural physical therapy practice. Journal of Physical Therapy Education 1993; 7(2): 45-48

Stuberg WA, Temme J, Kaplan P, Clarke A, Fuchs R. Measurement of tibial torsion and thigh-foot angle using goniometry and computed tomography. Clinical Orthopaedics 1991; 272: 208-12.

Stuberg WA, Fuchs RH, Miedaner JA. Reliability of goniometric measures in children with cerebral palsy. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology 1988; 30: 657-66.

Recent Abstracts/Research Presentations:
Fuchs, RH, Venema, D. “Are Test Anxiety and Faculty Presence During Laboratory Practical Examinations Using Simulated Patients Related to Student Performance?” Poster presentation accepted for PT 2010: Annual Conference of the American Physical Therapy Association, Boston, Massachusetts, June 17, 2010.

Fuchs, RH, Carroll, J. “Outcomes of a Wheelchair Clinic: Effectiveness in Meeting Client Needs.” Platform presentation at the Annual Conference of the Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Society of North America in Phoenix, Arizona, June 18, 2007.

American Physical Therapy Association: member of Education and Neurology sections
Consultant to Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services for Medicaid wheelchair provision and policy
Member of Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America

Clinical Experience and Service:
Outpatient pediatric and neurologic rehabilitation with an emphasis on diseases of the motor unit; wheeled mobility needs evaluation; UNMC Sharing Clinic for underserved populations

Robert H. Fuchs, PT, MA, ATP, CSCS
Robert H. Fuchs
Associate Professor