UNMC Dietetic Internship Program - At a Glance

Nutrition Therapy Emphasis – The UNMC Dietetic Internship Program has a nutrition therapy emphasis that provides approximately 1000 hours of supervised practice experience. Management, community nutrition, and clinical research provide an additional 300 hours of supervised practice experience. Courses and related projects combine to provide approximately 400 hours of didactic/portfolio experiences. In total, the dietetic internship program provides approximately 1700 hours of training during an 11-month period.

Academic Medical Center – The nutrition therapy rotations are provided at The Nebraska Medical Center, the primary clinical teaching site for UNMC. The clinical preceptors are experienced Registered Dietitians and Licensed Medical Nutrition Therapists with academic appointments in the UNMC School of Allied Health Professions. This academic medical center setting provides a unique and stimulating interprofessional learning environment.

Calendar – The dietetic internship program begins in mid-August and is completed in late June of the following year. Classes are conducted on Mondays and supervised practice experiences are scheduled Tuesdays-Fridays (approximately 32 hours per week for most rotations). Service learning and community nutrition experiences also occur on selected evenings and weekend days. Additional time is required to complete reading assignments and projects associated with classes and clinical rotations.

Outcomes – The curriculum is competency based. Students completing the UNMC Dietetic Internship Program are prepared for entry-level practice and are qualified to take the national Registered Dietitian (RD) examination. During the five year period of 2009-2013, UNMC graduates achieved a 96% first-time pass rate on the RD examination.

Master of Science Degree – The Medical Nutrition Education Program is affiliating with the Medical Sciences Interdepartmental Area (MSIA) Graduate Program to offer a Master of Science degree with an emphasis in Medical Nutrition. Students enrolled in the UNMC Dietetic Internship Program are eligible to apply for admission to the MSIA Graduate Program. With successful completion of the dietetic internship, students will achieve 15 semester hours of graduate course credit that will contribute toward this Master of Science degree.