Curriculum for Nuclear Medicine Technology

The content of the Nuclear Medicine curriculum follows both the Society of Nuclear Medicine Professional Curriculum and the Joint Review Committee on Educational Programs in Nuclear Medicine Technology. The courses provide extensive didactic and clinical components to prepare the graduate for an exciting career in the field of nuclear medicine.

Introduction to Radiologic Physics
Human Anatomy
Human Physiology I & II
Principles of Care of Hospitalized Patient
Introduction to Nuclear Medicine Technology
Scanning the Healthcare Environment
Intro to Radiation Science Technology
Pathophysiological Basis for Alterations in Health
Health Care Ethics
Nuclear Medicine Technology
Cultural Competency
Applied NMT I
CT/MRI Anatomy & Pathology I & II
Research Methodologies in Allied Health
Health Physics
Clinical Procedures & Diagnosis I & II
Instrumentation I & II
Radiopharmacy I & II
Applied NMT II
Scanning the Healthcare Environment
Special Projects
Advanced Radiation Biology
Applied NMT III

CT Protocols & Cross Sectional Anatomy
CT Physics & Systems
CT Clinical