courses and practice concentrations

The MPAS Degree Advancement Option consists of 36 semester credit hours of didactic courses and either educational methodology or clinical experiences intended to be completed in five semesters. Please note, the program cannot be completed any sooner than 5 semesters. Students must choose either the clinical track or the education track for their program of study. In order to complete the program in five semesters, students must complete one didactic course each semester combined with one course from the clinical track or one course from the education track. UNMC has Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. The courses required to complete the program are listed below.

Didactic Courses
SAHP 626 Health Care Ethics & Critical Thinking (Fall only) - 3 semester credit hours
SAHP 631 Management in Health Care (Spring only) - 3 semester credit hours
PHAS 680 Health Care Policy (Summer only) - 3 semester credit hours
PHAS 681 Canadian Health Care Policy (Summer only) - 3 semester credit hours
PHAS 682 Clinical Inquiry and Writing (offered every semester) - 3 semester credit hours
PHAS 790 Master's Capstone (offered every semester)  - 4 semester credit hours
(Prerequisite: PHAS 682)

Clinical Track Courses^
PHAS 785 Advanced Supervised Clinical Practice I - 4 semester credit hours 
PHAS 786 Advanced Supervised Clinical Practice II - 4 semester credit hours
PHAS 787 Advanced Supervised Clinical Practice III - 4 semester credit hours
PHAS 788 Advanced Supervised Clinical Practice IV - 4 semester credit hours
PHAS 789 Advanced Supervised Clinical Practice V - 4 semester credit hours

Education Track Courses*
PHAS 765 Instructional Design in Higher Learning (Fall only) – 4 semester credit hours
PHAS 766 Education Theory in Medicine (Summer only) - 4 semester credit hours
PHAS 767 Leadership in Clinical Education (Spring only) - 4 semester credit hours
PHAS 768 Supervised Teaching Practice I (offered every semester)  - 4 semester credit hours 
PHAS 769 Supervised Teaching Practice II (offered every semester) - 4 semester credit hours 

*Supervised Teaching Practice: to complete the education track of this program, students are required to complete and document a total of 320 clinical teaching hours (160 hours in each of two semesters) in a supervised situation. This can be associated with a formal institution of higher learning or can be other forms of community education/patient education. Each semester's log will include involvement in all aspects of instruction, including but not limited to: curriculum design, curriculum promotion, course preparation, instructional delivery (classroom, one-on-one, practicums, experimental training, etc.), evaluation analysis, academic/instructional counseling, strategic planning, and administrative responsibilities related to education. The log time should represent a mix of activities, including: meetings with the student's mentor, independent student activities (e.g., the study of instructional content, development of instructional strategies, and preparation of materials), actual teaching, and analysis of learning outcomes (for learners, teachers, courses, and programs).

^Clinical Track Courses
To complete the clinical track of this program, students are required to complete and document a total of 800 clinical hours (160 hours in each of five semesters) in a specific core area. During your first three semesters of the Advanced Clinical Practice coursework, you will meet objectives for one of our five Core Areas. The five core areas are: family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, and surgery. Your core area should be based on the type of clinic/practice in which you are employed. During your final two semesters of the Advanced Clinical Practice coursework, you may meet objectives for a more specialized concentration area if you so choose. A full list of these concentration areas can be found below. The concentration areas available within a specific core area are listed to the right. Note: Each semester is 14-16 weeks in length. Students cannot log more than 160 hours in a semester.

Education goals and objectives have been established for the following practice areas. The student should select the core area that best matches his/her clinical practice, and identify any further focus of concentration if desired. The applicant whose concentration is not listed below should contact the program.

Core Areas and Concentrations (available concentrations are listed under each core area) 

Family Medicine Internal Medicine Pediatrics Psychiatry Surgery
1.   Dermatology
2.   Emergency Medicine
3.   Family Medicine
4.   Obstetrics/
5.   Urgent Care
1.   Allergy /
2.   Cardiology
3.   Critical Care
4.   Dermatology
5.   Endocrinology
6.   Gastroenterology
7.   Geriatrics
8.   Infectious Disease
9.   Internal Medicine
10. Nephrology
11. Neurology
12. Occupational
13. Oncology/
14. Opthalmology
15. Pulmonology
16. Radiology
17. Rheumatology
18. Sleep Medicine
1.   Neonatology
2.   Pediatrics
3.   Pediatric Cardiology
4.   Pediatric Orthopedics
5.   Pediatric Pulmonology
1.   Pain Management
2.   Psychiatry
1.   Anesthesiology
2.   Bariatric Surgery
3.   Burn Management
4.   Cardiovascular-
       Thoracic Surgery
5.   Neurosurgery
6.   Orthopedics
7.   Otolaryngology
8.  Physiatry
9.   Plastic Surgery
10. Rehabilitation
11. Trauma Surgery
12. Surgery
13. Urology

Academic Progress
Students enrolled in the MPAS Degree Advancement Option are expected to make satisfactory academic progress toward the completion of their Plan of Study and degree requirements.  All courses must be passed with a grade of “C” or better and a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) must be maintained throughout enrollment in the program.  Courses may be repeated only once, and a cumulative GPA below 2.0 at the completion of any semester will result in dismissal from the program. 

Degree Completion  
Upon successful completion of all requirements by the deadline dates set by the Program, graduates of the MPAS DAO are welcome to participate in the graduation ceremonies in Omaha, Nebraska (May and December only). Graduates will be awarded the Master of Physician Assistant Studies degree. 

To obtain your transcripts, please visit the UNMC Student Services website.