Admission to the Physical Therapy Program

Physical Therapy Education Admission Fast Facts

Degree Offered
DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy

Areas of Study
Humanities, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Social/Behavioral Sciences, or Education.

Application Deadline 

Admissions Requirements

University / College Required Prerequisites
All applicants are required to present a minimum overall quality grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 grading scale. Required courses must be taken for letter grades. Credits for courses in which grades below "C-" were received are not accepted in fulfillment of the program prerequisites. For further information on how various grade point averages are calculated, see the Application Instructions published by PTCAS for the current admissions cycle.

For the 2014-2015 Admissions Cycle (PTCAS applications in summer of 2014):
By July 15 preceding the intended fall semester date of enrollment, applicants must have successfully completed a minimum of 90 semester credit hours (135 quarter hours) of academic courses at an accredited college or university. Please note: A maximum of 66 semester credit hours (85 quarter hours) will be accepted in transfer from community colleges. A baccalaureate degree is not required for admission to this program. However, students who will not have received a baccalaureate degree prior to matriculation must identify their major emphasis of study and satisfactorily complete three upper-level courses toward that major.

1 Year in Anatomy & Physiology (Lecture/Lab [no online labs]) 2 semesters in sequence / 8 hours – Must be lecture/lab courses in human or vertebrate anatomy and physiology. May be fulfilled by completing one course in Anatomy and a second course in Physiology or by taking Anatomy/Physiology I and Anatomy/Physiology II.
1 Year Chemistry (Lecture/Lab [no online labs]) 2 semesters in sequence / 8 hours – Must be lecture/lab courses. May be fulfilled by taking General Chemistry I and II or General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry or General Chemistry and Biochemistry.
1 Year Physics (Lecture/Lab [no online labs]) 2 semesters in sequence / 8 hours – Must be lecture/lab courses (General Physics I and General Physics II). Must include mechanics, heat, light, sound and electricity. Physical Science will not fulfill this requirement.

NEW for the 2015-2016 Admissions Cycle (PTCAS applications in summer of 2015):
Bachelor’s degree required for admission with at least 3 upper division courses in one of the following areas of study: humanities, physical sciences, life sciences, social/behavioral sciences, or education.
Above required courses plus:
Biology 2 semesters/6 hours (no sequence)
Social science 2 semesters/6 hours (must include either abnormal or developmental psychology)
Statistics 1 semester/ 3 hours (any type)
Recommended courses:
Writing intensive course in any area

Application Checklist

Required by the School of Allied Health Professions Academic and Student Affairs
1. On-line UNMC Supplemental Application
2. $70 non-refundable application processing fee
3. English proficiency requirement, if your native language is not English.
4. Foreign transcripts, if you completed coursework from an institution outside the USA.

Required by Division of Physical Therapy Education
1. Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service (PTCAS) on-line application (including three (3) letters of reference).
2. Official Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test scores are required and are submitted through PTCAS using our program code 7752. GRE scores for code 7752 will automatically be sent to PTCAS for the UNMC Physical Therapy Education program. Do NOT send GRE scores to the main university or graduate admissions. Note: New PTCAS admissions cycle begins in July. GRE scores must match the admissions cycle for which you are applying in PTCAS. Do not submit GRE scores to PTCAS prior to the new cycle. Please visit the PTCAS website to view the revised GRE instructions for new and repeat applicants. Applicants must arrange for official scores to be sent to any PTCAS GRE program codes on July 1 or later, so the GRE ScoreSelect options are reflected. The GRE test must be taken by August 15 for scores to be received by the application deadline.
3. A personal interview is required to be considered for admission. Interviews are offered to a limited number of qualified applicants before final acceptance is offered by the Admissions Committee. Accommodations to the interview schedule are at the discretion of the admissions director. (Preference is given to Nebraska residents. Questions regarding residency status should be directed to the Office of Academic Records 402-559-6468.)

NOTE: There are no formal requirements for volunteer, observation, or employment experiences in the field of physical therapy; however, as with all career choices, a broad exposure to the field is encouraged. Applicants should demonstrate a commitment to professional development and service.

Other Admissions Tracks
See our pathway programs for additional admissions tracks.

For questions or clarification of requirements, contact Diane Landon at

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