Curriculum for radiography education


Fall Semester
Radiographic Technology I
Applied Radiographic Technology I
Principles of Care of Hospitalized Patient
Clinical Oriented Human Anatomy I 
Human Physiology I 
Intro to Radiological Physics
Computers in Health Care (optional)

Spring Semester
Radiographic Technology II
Human Physiology II 
Intro. to Rad. Science Technology
Applied Radiographic Technology II
Digital Imaging and PACS
Clinically Oriented Human Anatomy II
Gerontology for the Radiation Science professional (optional)

Summer Session
Applied Radiographic Technology III 
Communication & Cultural Competency
Radiologic Contrast Agents
CT Physics and Systems


Fall Semester
Health Physics
Applied Radiographic Technology IV
Pathophysiologic Alteration in Health I
Principles of Critical Inquiry
Radiographic Pathology I
CT Protocols and Cross Sectional

Spring Semester
Radiographic Imaging Seminars
Special Project
Radiographic Pathology II
Applied Radiographic Technology V
Pathophysiologic Alterations in Health II

Optional Courses
Seminars in Mammography
Breast Anatomy, Physiology, & Pathology
Mammography Positioning
Film/Screen Technique, Equipment, and Quality Control
Case Studies and Journal Review
Quality Management in Radiation Science
Basic Lab Methods for Allied Health Professionals
Scanning the Health Care Environment
Management in Health Care
Applied Mammography Practicum