About the Profession

If you were a Radiologic Technologist…

…your job would be to take quality images of the human body. 

Radiography (RT) is the use of ionizing radiation to produce detailed diagnostic images of the human body.  The quality of the radiographs is dependent upon the judgment, knowledge, and skill of the radiographer who assists the Radiologist (a physician specially trained in radiology to diagnose disease and injury) by operating complex, highly technical equipment safely and efficiently. 

The Radiographer must have a solid foundation in anatomy, physics, biology, and the professional and technical disciplines related to radiologic science.  Imaging specialties found within the radiography profession include: Mammography, Surgical Radiography, Computed Tomography (CT), Cardiovascular Interventional Technology (CVIT), Bone Densitometry, and Quality Management.

Radiologic Technology Students