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The College of Medicine Alumni Association has been in existence since the first class of medical school students graduated. The original association was formally established in 1883. Dr. J.W. Search, a 1882 graduate, was its first president.

The purpose of the College of Medicine Alumni Association is to promote and support the philosophy and programs of the UNMC College of Medicine, to maintain communication of alumni through Alumni News, reunions and special events, to promote life-long learning of alumni, to encourage activities that help to recognize individuals and organizations who provide meritorious service and to encourage promotion of the profession of medicine by alumni.

The volunteer board provides the direction for the association. The COMAA has been providing annual giving support to the College of Medicine for many years. The association officially began an annual giving program in 1970.

If you have any questions or are interested in participating in the Chapter, please email or call 402.559.4385.

News & Announcements

Continuing Education
Click here for upcoming Live and Online CME Opportunities in the area of oncology. 

Introducing the Host Program
In October 2012, the COMAA launched a pilot project to match fourth year medical students with COM alumni who live in fourteen cities where the students may be traveling for residency interviews. 
Download the Alum Information Sheet for the Host Program (Intended for COM alumni living in one of fourteen pilot cities.  See Frequently Asked Questions for list of cities.) 
Download the Student Information Sheet for the Host Program (Intended for fourth year medical students - Class of 2014)
Download the Frequently Asked Questions for the Host Program

Questions about the program?  Contact Alumni Relations.

College of Medicine Alumni Association Grants & Allocations program funding request form
Applications will be reviewed at quarterly meetings of the Alumni Association held in January, April, July and October. For consideration at one of these quarterly meetings, please observe the following deadlines for applications:
January meeting December 31
April meeting April 5
July meeting June 30
October meeting September 30
Applications that miss the application deadlines will automatically be submitted for consideration at the next quarterly meeting.
Click here to download the request form

Next Board Meeting
Tuesday, July 15, 2014
6:30 p.m.
UNMC Alumni House

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