CON Award Recipients

2013 Recipients
Distinguished Alumnus Award: Cynthia M. Dougherty  ARNP, PhD, FAHA, FAAN  (ASN ’77, BSN ‘79)


Cynthia Dougherty is an exemplary model of an academic nurse practitioner, academician, and scholar whose initial passion for nursing can be traced to UNMC.  Her nursing education began at UNMC in Omaha, when she earned her associate’s degree in nursing in 1977 and went on to the BSN program at the UNMC Lincoln campus, graduating in 1979.  In 1985, following completion of her master’s degree in nursing at the University of Iowa, Dr. Dougherty journeyed to Seattle, Washington where she has built her esteemed career since 1985.  Cindy Dougherty 

Dr. Dougherty currently serves as Professor and Vice Chair for Research, Biobehavioral Nursing & Health Systems at the University of Washington School of Nursing; Adjunct Professor in the Department of Cardiology, School of Medicine at the University of Washington.  In addition, she is a nurse practitioner in Cardiology and investigator at the VA Puget Sound Health Care System in Seattle. 

For over 20 years, Dr. Dougherty has been engaged in a program of research , scholarly and professional activities that has focused on gaining a better understanding and administering interventions for patients who have suffered sudden cardiac arrest and receive an ICD (implantable cardioverter defibrillators), with multiple research funded projects (over 10 million),  over 40 data based publications, and 9 text book chapters.  Her work has been disseminated in high impact journals, including Circulation, Advances in Nursing Science, Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy Journal, Archives of Internal Medicine, and many others.  Dr. Dougherty’s work is well respected by several disciplines:  nursing, medicine, and exercise physiology among others.  Her work is trans-disciplinary in nature and has had an impact on the science related to caring for the ICD patient and their caregivers.

In addition to her research and publications, Dr. Dougherty has spent her career mentoring students and serving as a preceptor.  She is currently a preceptor for advanced practice students.

Dr. Dougherty has been very involved in professional organizations. She has served on the leadership council of the Cardiovascular Nursing Council of the American Heart Association (AHA).  She is a member of Sigma Theta Tau, the American Nurses Association, the American College of Nurse Practitioners, the Heart Rhythm Society, and the American College of Sports Medicine. She is a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing and the American Heart Association.   She also serves as a manuscript reviewer for several journals and been a National Institute of Health and AHA grant reviewer. 

In addition to her Distinguished Alumnus Award, Dr. Dougherty has received countless awards.  Her resume includes numerous service appointments and community service activities.  According to Dr. Dougherty’s nomination letter, “she is an inspiration and role model to all of us who have devoted a substantial part of our career to nursing research.” 

Past Recipients
Distinguished Alumnus Award: Mary D. Moller, DNP, APRN, CPRP, FAAN (MSN '82) 

Inaugural Dorothy Patach Spirit of Service Award: Dorothy Patach (Nursing Diploma '44)

Distinguished Alumnus Award: Liane Connelly, PhD, RN (ASN '81)

Nursing Excellence Award: Suzanne Nuss, PhD, RN (ASN '82, PhD '07)

Distinguished Alumnus Award: Maj. Gen. Linda Hemminger, RN, MSN (M.S.N. '85)

Nursing Excellence Award: Michelle Kowalczyk, B.S.N. '04, M.S.N. '10

2010 Honorary Alumnus Award: Ruth Scott

2009- Distinguished Alumnus Award: Kathleen E. Chavanu Gorman R.N., (M.S.N. '89)

2009- Honorary Alumnus Award: Charles S. Wilson M.D.

2008 - Distinguished Alumnus Award: Col. Kimberly A. Siniscalchi R.N., (MSN '88)

2007 - Distinguished Alumnus Award: Susan B. Hassmiller – (MSN '83)
Honorary: Judith S. Billings

2006 -
Distinguished Alumnus Award: Linda J. Miers - (BSN '71, PhD)

2005 - Distinguished Alumnus Award: Marcy J. Echternacht - (BSN '74, MS)
Excellence Award: Rebecca Keating-Lefler - (ASN '86, BSN '87, MSN '92, PhD '01)
Honorary: Ada Lindsey

2004 - Distinguished Alumnus Award: Sandra Borden - (MSN '87, PMC '96)
Excellence Award: Angie Andersen - (MSN '94, PMC, '01)
Honorary: Bill Lohr

2003 - Distinguished Alumnus Award: Audrey Nelson - (BSN '72, PhD)
Excellence Award: Leann Stofferahn - (MSN '98)

2002 - Distinguished Alumnus Award: Martha Foxall – (MSN ’76, PhD)
Excellence Award**: Jo Marsh – (MSN ’99, PMC '03)
Honorary: Del Lienemann

2001 - Distinguished Alumnus Award: Nancy Schneckloth – (BSN ’60, MSN ’75)
Young Alumnus Award: June Eilers – (BSN ’71, MSN ’74, PhD ’96)

2000 - Distinguished Alumnus Award: Marilyn McCubbin – (BSN ’60)

1999 - Distinguished Alumnus Award: Peggy Hawkins – (BSN ’74, MSN ’79)

1998 - Distinguished Alumnus Award: Barbara A. Winfield – (BSN ’56)

1997 - Distinguished Alumnus Award: Patricia Lopez – (MSN ’90)
Young Alumnus Award: Barbara J. Sittner – (BSN ’90, MSN ’94)

1996 - Distinguished Alumnus Award: Gloria O’Dowd – (BSN ’61)
Young Alumnus Award: Carol Iverson – (MSN ’94)

1995 - Distinguished Alumnus Award: JoAnn Mulligan – (BSN ’58)
Young Alumnus Award: Michele Cornay – (BSN ’90)

1994 - Distinguished Alumnus Award: Rosalie Yeaworth, PhD
Young Alumnus Award: Dawn Duncan (ASN ’83, BSN ’84, MSN ’94)

1993 - Distinguished Alumnus Award: L. Colette Jones, Ph.D. – (BSN ’58, MS, PhD)

1992 - Distinguished Alumnus Award: Carol M. Wilson – (GND ’51, BA, MA)
Young Alumnus Award: Susan Daubman – (ASN ’82, BSN ’91)

1991 - Distinguished Alumnus Award: Gwen Macklem Finn – (GND ’52, MSN ’74) –
Young Alumnus Award: Elizabeth Dorencamper Schneider – (BSN, MSN ’89

1990 - Distinguished Alumnus Award: Kay Barnard – (BSN ’60)

1989 - Distinguished Alumnus Award: Marian Olson – (GND ’44, BSN ’53, MSN ’61, PhD)
Young Alumnus Award: Kristine Turner Norvell – (ASN ’79, BSN ’85, MSN ’87)

1988 - Distinguished Alumnus Award: Emily Brickley – (BSN ’30)
Young Alumnus Award: Ann Berger – (MSN ’84, PhD '96)

1987 - Alumni Achievement Award: co-winners
Marjorie Moore Cantor – (GND ’47, BSN ’49, MA, PhD)
Elizabeth Kentopp - (BSN ’48, MS)

1986 - Distinguished Alumnus Award: Gladys Sorensen – (BS ’45, MS, EdD, HDS)

1985 - Distinguished Alumnus Award: Beatrice Petersen Kalisch – (BSN ’65, PhD)

1984 - Distinguished Alumnus Award: Velma Sexmith Mason – (BSN ’31)

1983 - Distinguished Alumnus Award: Theta Cole Bullington – (GND ’38, BSN '39)

**Young Alumnus changed to Excellence Award in 2002