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Primary Investigator IRB # Date Approved Project Title Study Type Current Status Posters Papers Clinical Trials Reg.
(Y or N)
Clinical Trials #
Angie Rakes 015-07-EX 1/16/2007 Peripheral Nerve Block for the Treatment of Sympathetic Pain Medical Records Research Active     N  
Ben H. Boedeker 014-07-EX 2/23/2007 Comparison of Direct vs Indirect Laryngeal Views using the Video Laryngoscope during Standard Intubation Procedures Social/Behavioral DOD Funded, Active MMVR 2008 MMVR 18 2011 Boedeker BH, Berg, BW, Bernhagen, M, Murray, WB. Direct versus Indirect Laryngoscopic Visualization in Human Endotracheal Intubation: A Tool for Virtual Anesthesia Practice and Teleanesthesiology. Studies Health Technol Inform 2008; 132:31-6. N  
Ben H. Boedeker 314-07-EX 8/1/2007 Use of Simulation Concept to Support Airway Management Training at Distant Sites using Video Laryngoscopy Technology Social/Behavioral DOD Funded, Active MMVR 2009 Berg BW, Beamis EK, Murray WB, Boedeker BH. Remote video laryngoscopy skills training for prehospital personnel. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2009; 142:31-3. Berg BW, Vincent DS, Murray WB, Boedeker BH. Video laryngoscopy intubation skills training of novice military airway managers. Stud Health Technol Inform 2009; 142:34-6. N  
Ben H. Boedeker 331-07-EX 8/9/2007 Assessment of Learning with the Mobile Telementoring Intubating Laryngoscope (MTILVL) and Other Indirect Laryngoscopy Intubation Methods in Training Intubations Social/Behavioral DOD Funded, Active MMVR 2011 ASA 2010 Boedeker BH, Berg BW, Bernhagen MA, Murray WB. Endotracheal Intubation comparing a Prototype Storz CMAC and a GlideScope Video Laryngoscope in a Medical Transport Helicopter A Pilot Study. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2009; Boedeker BH, Berg BW, Bernhagen M, Murray WB. Endotracheal Intubation in a Medical Transport Helicopter Comparing Direct Laryngoscopy with the Prototype Storz CMAC Video Laryngoscope in a Simulated Difficult Intubating Position. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2009; 142:40-2.142:37-9. N  
Amy Duhachek-Stapelman 238-07-EX 8/15/2007 An Evaluation of the Safety and Efficiency of the Transfer of Care Between Anesthesia Providers an Intensive Care Unit Staff Social/Behavioral Active     N  
Jennifer Adams 537-08-EX 11/17/2008 Effect of Education on Nursing Attitude, Knowledge, and Kill and Epidural Efficiency Social/Behavioral Active     N  
Ben H. Boedeker 020-09-EX 2/10/2009 Adherence to Accepted Guidelines on Peri-Operative Cardiovascular Evaluation and Care for Non-Cardiac Surgery Utilizing Decision Support Tools Social/Behavioral Active ASA 2010 Guidelines for Preoperative Cardiac Evaluation is Limited. Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine 2010 (June);77: S11-S22. 2007 American College of Cardiology/American heart Association (ACC/AHA) Guidelines on Perioperative Cardiac Evaluation are Usually Incorrectly Applied by Anesthesiology Residents Evaluating Simulated Patients. Anesthesia Analgesia 2011 (in press). N  
Jennifer Adams 262-09-EX 6/16/2009 Orientation of beginning anesthesia residents: Comparison of high-fidelity simulation and supervised clinical instruction in the OR Social/Behavioral Recruiting UNMC SURP 2009
James Sullivan 294-09-FB 8/11/2009 Continuous Hemoglobin Plethysmograph Variability Index Monitoring May Provide Superior Assessment During Visceral Solid Organ Transplantation in Children: A Prospective Cohort Study Biomedical Recruiting     Y NCT00958984
Ben H. Boedeker 549-09-EX 11/25/2009 Battlefield Tracheal Intubation Training using Virtual Simulation - A Multi Center Proof of Concept Social/Behavioral DOD Funded, Active MMVR 18 2011 in progress N  
Ben H. Boedeker 558-09-EX 11/29/2009 Battlefield Airway Management for Wounded Warriors (Safe Airway Access in Combat) Endotracheal Intubation of the Difficult and Standard Airway Training Manikin using Various Video Devices Social/Behavioral DOD Funded, Active ASA 2010 Boedeker BH, Barak-Bernhagen MA, Miller DJ, Nicholas IV TA, Linnaus A, Murray WB. Improving rigid fiberoptic intubation: a comparison of the Bonfils Intubating Fiberscope with a novel modification. BMC Emergency Medicine 2010, 10:11 (epublished) N  
Thomas Schulte 132-10-EX 1/8/2010 The use of video laryngoscopy for emergent intubations   Active, Not Recruiting   In Progress N  
Tara R. Brakke 321-09-FB 7/28/2010 Echocardiography-Guided Hemodynamic Management Strategy for Patients Requiring Perioperative Care for Non-Cardiac Surgery Biomedical Recruiting UNMC SURP 2009   Y NCT01050361
Sheila Ellis 379-10-EP 8/3/2010 Anesthesia-Related Cardiac Arrest and it Mortality Medical Records Research Active, Not Recruiting     N  
Sasha Shillcutt
Ankit Agrawal
364-10-EX 8/19/2010 The Efficacy of Transesophageal and transthoracic Echocardiography During Perioperative Cardiovascular Adverse events IN noncardiac Surgery Medical Records Research Active, Not Recruiting UNMC SURP 2010
In Progress N  
Wesley Prickett 580-10-EX 10/11/2010 The Art of Anesthesia Social/Behavioral Active     N  
Wesley Prickett 581-10-EX 11/29/2010 The Effect of a Video Pain Scale on Patients' Perception of Chronic Pain Social/Behavioral Active     N  
Amy Duhachek-Stapelman 168-10-FB   Comparison of Traditional (CVP and Urine Output Guided) Versus Echocardiography Guided Fluid Management in Patients Undergoing Cytoreductive Surgery with Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) Biomedical Pending Approval     Y NCT01225757
Maria Michaelis 359-09-FB   A Double Blinded Comparison Study to Determine the Effectiveness of EMEND in Decreasing Post-Discharge and Post-Operative Nausea and Vomiting Biomedical Tabled        
Thomas Nicholas 077-11-FB   Intravenous Regional Anesthesia (IVRA) Technique for Wrist and Hand Surgery Biomedical Tabled