From UNMC Chancellor Jeffrey Gold, M.D.

In the decade since we signed our first institutional collaborative agreements with some of China’s most prestigious academic, medical and scientific institutions, the University of Nebraska Medical Center has developed truly remarkable global partnerships. Our presence in China is one of the most significant among American academic health science centers.

But as proud as we are of the past decade, it is most important that we look to the decades to come.

UNMC Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold

UNMC, through its Asia Pacific Rim Development Program, developed in 2005, is committed to continued building and solidifying of collaboration with our partners.

One of our primary goals includes focusing on joint education, particularly enhancing our new joint family medicine program and the soon to be established physical therapy program. We also look forward to potentially advancing our collaborations in dentistry, nursing, pharmacy and public health.

We will continue to focus on joint research in translational research program development, as well as update, improve and increase joint research – promoting joint research proposal applications between UNMC and Chinese scientists, joint research funding applications, and facilitating technology development.

Finally, we will look to further develop outreach and service in China, programs that create a platform to allow even more international collaboration. For example, clinical service and consultation, such as tele-pathology; a primary care clinic and for high quality hospital care.

Broad and well-established relationships with Chinese medical schools and hospitals create an opportunity for these organizations to provide services to Chinese researchers interested in enhancing new technology.

Solid and productive international collaboration not only benefits the programs in China but the institutions with which we partner and UNMC as well. It benefits all of the families, communities and nations involved.