Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (GUCAS)

Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences plays a major role in China's graduate education system.  The history of graduate education in the People's Republic of China can be traced back to 1951, when the Chinese Academy of Sciences joined hands with the Ministry of Education in enrolling the first group of graduate students.  From 1978 to 2001, the Graduate University trained more than 50,000 graduate students, including the first doctoral graduate in science and the first doctoral graduate in engineering. Today, over 24,000 graduate students are studying at the university. 

Programs are offered in seven major academic categories: philosophy, education, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine and management.  The Graduate University is authorized to grant advanced degrees in 26 primary academic disciplines which include master's degree conferring rights in 130 secondary disciplines, and doctoral degree rights in 114 secondary disciplines.  At present, there are 102 mobile centers for postdoctoral research. 

The Graduate University prides itself on its two-stage model for graduate education: students spend their first year on campus taking core courses in their chosen discipline and a diverse range of electives in various other disciplines of their interest, and enjoying the colorful campus life while melting together and building long-lasting friendships with fellow students from different fields.  Then they pursue research projects for their degree dissertations at various Chinese Academy of Sciences research institutes. 

At the Graduate University, the committed faculty comprises more than 4,500 professors; among them are 300 members of the Chinese Academy of Science and/or the Chinese Academy of Engineering - the nation's largest formation of undisputed academic leaders in a variety of fields. 

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