SSUHSI-Pharmacy Doctorate Program Application

Application Process

  • Candidates for this special program must be recommended for the program by their Dean, Associate Dean or Department Chair of your Chinese institution.
  • A letter of recommendation from one of these individuals must be submitted to Dr. Dong Wang, our UNMC contact for the program, and shall also be submitted as one of the reference letters for the PharmCAS application.
  •  After review of the recommendation letter, decisions will be made about proceeding with the subsequent steps of the application process, as described below. 
  • Candidates are asked to notify Dr. Dong Wang of their intent to apply to our college via this special program, so we are sure to identify you appropriately through this process.

Step 1: Complete PharmCAS Application by the deadline of January 6, 2015

  1. Submit an online application through PharmCAS (  Detailed instructions are available on the PharmCAS site for submission of your application, transcripts, recommendation letters and standardized test scores (i.e. GRE).  Please check the “Before You Apply” section on PharmCAS as this area includes instructions for all aspects of the application process
  2. All requested materials should be submitted directly to PharmCAS, including three (3) recommendation letters by your references (one of the recommendation letters must be from a Dean, Associate Dean or Department Chair, as described in the bullet points above; additional letters can be from either academic advisors and/or course instructors).
  3. International students are required to report the educational institution attended; however, you will not be able to enter your coursework.  We recommend that you ask your associate dean or dean to sign your transcript and send it directly to Dr. Wang as a means of documenting your academic achievement. 
  4. Please note that PharmCAS may require significant time for verification of all documentation before forwarding your application to our program.  Log into your PharmCAS account regularly to verify all materials were received.  Without an appropriately completed PharmCAS application, PharmCAS will not release your file to UNMC and you cannot be considered for admission to our program.

Step 2: Complete UNMC Supplemental Application within 14 days after it is made available.

  1. Applicants cannot be considered without online submission of a UNMC Supplemental Application (Personal Questionnaire and Prerequisite Worksheet). 
  2. The supplemental application fee may be waived by clicking the ‘RHOP fee waiver’ at the bottom. 
  3. The essay questions included on the COP Personal Questionnaire may be reviewed at:; however, the actual online Supplemental Application is not made available to applicants until the college receives their completed application from PharmCAS.  Following receipt of your application from PharmCAS, we will send access and completion instructions via e-mail.

 Step 3: If Invited, Complete Interview with UNMC.

  1. When your application is complete (Steps 1 & 2), your file will be evaluated by the UNMC College of Pharmacy Admissions Committee. 
  2. An interview via online resources (Skype or QQ) is required to enable us to further assess your communication skills.  Only competitive applicants are invited for interview and Dr. Wang will assist in coordination of an interview schedule.

Step 4: Complete PharmCAS Academic Update (only if U.S. coursework is completed after submission to PharmCAS).

  1. Since international coursework cannot be entered into the PharmCAS system, it is unlikely that this step will be needed.  Therefore, as you complete coursework, we ask that you send transcripts to Dr. Wang in the manner described above.

Step 5: Admissions Decision and Requirements: 

  1. The COP Admissions Committee works to make admissions decisions as soon as possible after your interview … approximate timing will be announced as part of your interview discussion
  2. Students will be notified of their admission decision via email as soon as possible after their interview date … typically this will occur within 2-3 weeks. 
  3. A “Response Form” will be sent as an attachment and accepted applicants are asked to print the document, sign it, and scan and return to UNMC to accept our offer of admission. 
  4. No deposit is required of CSC sponsored students accepted to our program. 
  5. All admitted students will be ‘conditionally admitted’ until they have met several requirements (PharmCAS Background Check, Final Transcript Submission, etc.).  



Dong Wang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Or you may email the APRDP office.