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The University of Nebraska Medical Center has worked for years to develop significant partnerships in China. The result includes research collaboration, faculty and student exchanges and enhanced education in both countries. Through these partnerships, UNMC’s reputation as a world-class institution continues to deepen.

Comments from our supporters

Gov. Dave Heineman“To be a competitive force in today’s world, it is vital to have global partnerships. I am pleased the Asia Pacific Rim Development Program at UNMC has developed numerous relationships in Asia over its 10 year history, particularly in China. I have been actively involved in these efforts both in Nebraska and on my trips to China. Partnerships with the China Scholarship Council, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Tongji University, and Xi'an Jiaotong University Health Science Center have been mutually beneficial and have helped UNMC further develop its reputation as a world-class institution.”
-- Gov. Dave Heineman






James Linder, M.D., Interim President, University of Nebraska"Global engagement is a high priority for the University of Nebraska. Providing opportunities for our students and faculty to have meaningful international experiences, attracting talent to the state, and partnering with institutions around the world with complementary strengths and interests to advance science and spur the innovation economy are key components of our global engagement strategy. The University of Nebraska Medical Center’s engagement in China over the last 10 years has very successfully combined all of these objectives. Our nursing and medical students have gained valuable experience by participating in clinical rotations in Chinese hospitals and we have been able to draw top Chinese graduate and medical students and scholars to Nebraska. Our research collaborations have advanced the science at the core of our work and now UNMC is breaking new ground in technology transfer that will help move our scientific breakthroughs to the marketplace in China. This is essential work in our interconnected and interdependent world that benefits not only the people of Nebraska, but also the people of China and people around the world. I congratulate all those at UNMC and in China who have worked hard to make this possible and I look forward to seeing the results of another decade of collaboration.  Best wishes for continued success!"
-- James Linder, M.D.

Interim President
University of Nebraska




Harold M. Maurer, UNMC Chancellor Emeritus"I want to extend my congratulations to the Chinese and American growing and productive collaboration celebrating its 10th Anniversary.  The strong ties that have developed over the years through these exchanges has been of mutual benefit for students, faculty, patient care and community engagement.  In addition, it has fostered enduring friendships between and among institutions, and mutual respect and admiration between the peoples.  Although cultures may be different and distances are great, our human needs are the same, which help to overcome all obstacles to collaboration.

My best wishes for another successful annual research meeting, and for continued progress in these collaborations during the next 10 years."
-- Harold M. Maurer
UNMC Chancellor Emeritus 





Donald S. Leuenberger, Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance"APRDP, congratulations on your 10th anniversary.

It has been a decade of learning, growth, many successes and, most importantly, the forming of friendships that are so very important to our future in China.

I doubt any of us making our first visit to China in 2004 would have forecast the close relationships that have developed between UNMC faculty, staff and students and our Chinese counterparts. Nebraska is now well known in throughout China. Students, faculty and staff from numerous Chinese universities have experience at UNMC, and have returned to China with excellent reports on that experience. In the same fashion, faculty, students and staff from UNMC in increasing numbers are participating in programs at Chinese universities and institutes. This was our original intent; and, happily, it is coming to pass. Only good things can come from this relationship, and many Nebraskans and Chinese will benefit from the hard work that made it possible.

Today, our relationship with China goes beyond education and includes research, clinical care and business relations. Nothing could be more satisfying than to have had the opportunity to witness the growing strength of these many relationships. I am confident that the next 10 years will deepen these relations, and the twenty year anniversary in 2024 will have even more to celebrate."
-- Donald S. Leuenberger
Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance



Jennifer L. Larsen, M.D., Vice Chancellor for Research"Relationships are not built overnight. As UNMC marks its 10th year anniversary of collaborations with China, the growth of our programs and interactions with multiple institutions and leaders in China are a testament to our commitment as well as our vision and desire for this relationship to grow. I salute the work that you have done and look forward to what will be built in the next ten years!"
-- Jennifer L. Larsen, M.D.
Vice Chancellor for Research

Louise and Morton Degen Professor of Internal Medicine 







H. Dele Davies, M.D., M.S., MHCM, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean for Graduate Studies"It takes time and courtship to become good friends.  It takes patience and trust to become great friends. I am pleased to reflect on some of the highlights of the great friendship that has developed between UNMC and our partners in Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an and other parts of China over the past 10 years. 

During this decade, there have been numerous health science conferences and exchanges involving faculty, professional and graduate students from both sides of the partnership and almost 100 China Scholarship Council Students from premier institutions in China have either obtained or are currently obtaining advanced degrees at UNMC.  In addition, numerous leadership visits have transpired for promotion of scientific and economic ties between China and UNMC/TNMC as well as the State of Nebraska.  Concrete plans are being implemented on training the first generation of Family Medicine and Physical Therapy practitioners who will be the pioneers of these newly emerging fields in China.  In the midst of all these developments, genuinely strong and enduring friendships have been forged between Nebraskan and Chinese professionals; bonds that have served and will continue to serve as the scaffolding that will support us to even greater heights of collaboration.  In this competitive era where it is increasingly important to be global thinkers, the full value of the economic, sociologic and other intangible benefits of these ties cannot be easily quantified and may not be totally evident until a much later date.

 My warmest and sincere congratulations to the entire devoted leadership team, faculty, staff and students on both sides of the UNMC Asia-Pacific Rim program who have crafted the vision, then worked diligently and patiently over the past decade to build the trust and respect that has enabled this model relationship to blossom."  

-- H. Dele Davies, M.D., M.S., MHCM
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Dean for Graduate Studies


Thomas Rosenquist, former Vice Chancellor for Research"The partnership between UNMC and its sister universities in China is an excellent example of international cooperation at its best. From the first exploratory visit , UNMC has stood by its claim of always doing what it says it will do, and our friends in China have reciprocated in kind. I look forward to seeing what the next ten years will bring."
-- Thomas Rosenquist
Former Vice Chancellor for Research