Approximate timeline for UNMC and CSC Students – From “application to arrival”

September to December: Presentations for recruitment at Chinese universities 

Mid-October: Annual China Scholarship Council meetings with 14 select U.S. universities

December: Local Chinese universities preselection process

End of December: All local universities preselect student candidates for submission to the China Scholarship Council

                              **Note: Postdoctoral scholars do not have preselection process

Mid-January:  All applicants finish application to foreign universities

Early to mid-February: Conditional acceptance letters are sent

Late February:  All applicants submit supplemental material, rank listing of universities and conditional acceptance letter to the China Scholarship Council

March to May: Evaluation process by the council

May to June: Council sends approval letters to accepted applicants; VISA application and UNMC paperwork process begins

August: Arrival at UNMC