CSC Programs at UNMC

Details and Overview

  • Since 2007, nearly 80 Chinese CSC scholarship recipients have come to UNMC for scientific training. UNMC continues to accept Chinese applicants to the following UNMC-CSC Programs, which are NOW OPEN FOR 2013 ENROLLMENT:

  • The China Scholarship Council (CSC), under its “Program of Governmental Graduate Student Scholarship” (PGGSS), provides financial support to Chinese applicants seeking scientific training abroad.
  • The University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) is among an elite list of carefully selected American universities that host Chinese applicants through this financial support from the CSC, which is a significant outcome of the established partnerships UNMC has with CAS, Shandong University, SJTUSM, Tongji University, and XJTUHSC.
  • The UNMC-CSC program’s aim is to provide excellent training to Chinese applicants under the guide of outstanding research scientists at UNMC. This will allow us to develop international scientific exchanges with top-rated Chinese institutions, furthering our channels of collaboration with these potential scientific partners.