Pediatric Behavioral Health

Ongoing collaborative for kids: Statewide convergence of behavioral health and primary care. August conference participants will meet again in October.

Guest speaker David Kaye, MD, presented New York state’s model for pediatric behavioral health consultation to primary care.

Left: BHECN medical director Howard Liu, MD, facilitated discussion on Nebraska resources. Participants included (seated at table) legislative aide Amy Williams, JD; state senator Sue Crawford; and legislative aide Kaitlin Reece; (standing) Cynthia Ellis, MD, director of developmental pediatrics at Munroe-Meyer Institute (MMI); Joe Evans, PhD, director of psychology at MMI; and Bob Bartee, UNMC vice chancellor for external affairs.

Collaborative Nebraska stakeholders met in August to discuss pediatric behavioral health consultation for primary care and identify local resources to establish a statewide model.

Guest presenter David Kaye, MD, director of training in child/adolescent psychiatry at the University of Buffalo School of Medicine, spoke on development of New York state’s pediatric behavioral health consultation program.

Howard Liu, MD, BHECN medical director and assistant professor of psychiatry at UNMC, moderated a panel discussion on Nebraska resources. Panel presenters and their topics:

  Amanda McGill, State Senator
Nebraska District 26
LB 556: Children’s Mental Health Bill
  Amy Williams, JD
Legislative Aide to Senator Amanda McGill
LB 556: Children’s Mental Health Bill
  Katie Bohn, MS, LMHP
Manager, Nebraska Family Help Line & Outreach, Boys Town
  Joseph H. Evans, PhD
Professor and Director, Psychology, Munroe‐Meyer Institute
Integrating Psychology into Pediatric Primary Care
  Arwa K. Nasir, MBBS
Chief of General Pediatrics, UNMC
Children’s Specialty Physicians Survey of Nebraska Pediatricians

The collaborative is co-sponsored by BHECN, the Nebraska Regional Council for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and Children’s Hospital and Medical Center.

August conference participants will hold a follow-up meeting in October.

State senator Amanda McGill discussed LB 556 (children’s mental health bill) during her panel presentation.

Steve Wengel, MD, (left), psychiatry chairman, Creighton University, and BHECN associate director Brent Khan, EdD, (right) with guest presenter David Kaye, MD, director of New York state’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry for Primary Care (CAP PC) program.