Recovery Storyteller Training

BHECN expands its
Council of Recovery Storytellers
via storyteller training.

Jeri Schaben, who has successfully managed her own bipolar disorder over three decades, shares her story with behavioral health students.

BHECN Storytellers are compelling — and growing in number.

Hearing the real-world, first-hand perspective of lived experience can make two big impacts: on care providers, and on patients on their journey to wellness.

  • One: It provides a powerful human connect for behavioral health students and care providers to support their academic training. It’s no longer just textbook, just clinical … it’s the moving story of a real person.
  • Two: It also provides hope and inspiration to those on their own often difficult road to recovery.

The BHECN Council of Recovery Storytellers is currently being expanded to offer more opportunities, statewide, to hear directly from survivors — from those who have lived courageously through trauma and illness to recovery.

Ongoing presenter training begins with 10 volunteers.
In December 2012, a Training for Speakers Workshop was offered to ten volunteers — and such sessions will continue on an ongoing basis.

Members of BHECN’s Recovery Storytellers Council will be asked to share their personal journey several times throughout the year with students, care providers and community members.

Examples: Storyteller outreach to students
In 4th quarter 2012, Jeri Schaben, Peer Specialist with Douglas County Mental Health, presented her story of living with bipolar disorder to a Psig class as well as to approximately 50 students and faculty at UNMC Psychiatry Grand Rounds.

Like to book a Recovery Storyteller?
For more information, or to schedule a Recovery storyteller, please contact Kim Carpenter at 402-552-7694 |