Brent is the Associate Director of BHECN. He has deep operations expertise in healthcare programs. He provides leadership to staff, faculty, health care providers, administrators and consumers to enhance the behavioral health workforce across Nebraska.

He is certified in the HeartMath Resilient Education Program and as a One-on-One HeartMath provider. His doctoral dissertation was titled: "The Effects of Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback-Assisted Stress Management Training on Registered Nurses Experiencing Stress-like Symptoms." He has done numerous presentations on job stress and burnout.

  • The Physiology of Stress and the Demonstration of HeartMath Interventions
    Time: 1-2 Hours
  • The Cost of Caring (Co-Present/Kim Carpenter)
    This workshop will review components of vicarious trauma, stress and compassion fatigue. It will examine strategies for staff to maintain resiliency and avoid secondary trauma or burnout as well as information and practice on Heart Math.
    Time: 1-4 hours

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