BHECN/RHEN Behavioral Health Workshop

The Rural Health Education Network (RHEN) was established in the early 1990's by legislative statute (LB 652c) to address the shortage of health professionals in rural Nebraska. Additional mandates have shaped partnerships among rural communities. These partnerships have developed a network of volunteer faculty, changing how and where health science students are educated. These efforts are designed to encourage students from rural communities to consider health care careers.

In keeping with this objective, an on-site workshop is held in May at University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), developed studentsby BHECN and offered by RHEN. The workshop gives students a first-hand look at some of the challenges and difficulties experienced by people who are affected by mental illness, behavioral health issues and substance abuse problems.  More information regarding this workshop is available in the BHECN RHEN Supplement.

One of the key objectives of BHECN is to recruit, train and empower health providers and care-givers. With ongoing training, these providers will have the skills to break down barriers and provide appropriate mental health care solutions to people and communities across Nebraska. The eventual result will be that those in need who live in our state can be within reach of a collaborative, interprofessional team of behavioral health care specialists when they need treatment and help toward their recovery.