Course of Study/Curriculum

General prerequisite requirements for courses carrying graduate credit

Graduate level courses are numbered in the 800 and 900 series and are open exclusively to graduate students except by permission of the Dean for Graduate Studies. A student who enrolls in a course must have completed any specific prerequisites indicated for the course.

Courses of instruction

Lower level graduate courses are in the 800 series, upper level in the 900 series. The current schedule of graduate course offerings is available as a separate listing from the Graduate Studies Office. An asterisk (*) indicates that the course is required for the Ph.D.

  • BRTP 821 Macromolecular Structure and Function*
  • BRTP 822 Molecular Cell Biology*
  • BRTP 823 Genetics and Gene Regulation*
  • BRTP 824 Cell Signaling*
  • BIOC 880 Principles and Methodologies of Cancer Research
  • BIOC 896 Research Other Than Thesis*
  • BIOC 921 Biophysical Chemistry
  • BIOC 935 Advanced Biochemistry & Molecular Biology*
  • BIOC 970 Seminar/Journal Club*
  • BIOC 899 Master's Thesis* (required only of Masters Degree Seeking Students)
  • BIOC 999 Doctoral Thesis*

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