Rebecca Oberley-Deegan

Assistant Professor

Rebecca Oberley-DeeganPhone: 402-559-4417 (Office)
Fax: 402-559-6650



Research Opportunities in my laboratory:

Rebecca Oberley-Deegan’s laboratory has previously shown that a catalytically active antioxidant can protect normal prostate tissues during radiation but not prostate tumor tissues. The focus of her research is determining the mechanisms by which antioxidants can protect normal tissues from radiation while simultaneously making the tumor vulnerable to radiation damage. Dr. Oberley-Deegan’s is focusing specifically on the role of free radical signaling to transform fibroblasts and inflammatory cells in normal tissues, which results in damage to these tissues. In the context of prostate cancer, her group is focusing on inhibiting the signaling events controlled by radiation induced free radicals involved in tumor survival and metastasis.