Simple Western by Charge or Size

Simple Western by Charge or Size

The Simple Western assay can be performed in two ways. Proteins can be separated  by size or by charge. Either way, the Peggy does the entire process for you, up to 96 samples at a time with as little as 0.05 µg/mL protein. On top of it, the associated analysis software can help you identify your proteins and quantitate them with confidence.

Peggy Tracy

Figure obtained from Protein Simple website.  Learn more at:  Protein Simple


Since this equipment is new to our campus we are offering FREE TRAINING for a limited time.  Each user will be assisted in running three plates during training.  Contact the core director for more information.

Users must provide:  antibodies and cell lysates

The core will provide the consumables used during training.

To reserve time on the Peggy use the RSS instrument scheduler.