Welcome to the New University of Nebraska Biomedical Informatics Program

The Biomedical Informatics Graduate Program (BMI) was formally approved by the Regents of the University and the State of Nebraska in the Spring of 2013..

The BMI program brings together existing informatics education programs at Campuses into a comprehensive interdisciplinary education program that includes the MSIA Health Informatics Program, the MSIA bioinformatics program, the College of Public Health and the UNO bioinformatics and public health informatics efforts. 

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The Joint UNMC/UNO Biomedical Informatics Graduate Program is a multidisciplinary, interprofessional effort integrating the theory and practice of information technology management, computer science, decision support systems, and applied computing with clinical science, biological science, bio-imaging, and public health. Students study and pursue “the effective uses of biomedical data, information, and knowledge for scientific inquiry, problem solving and decision making, motivated by efforts to improve human health.” (AMIA). 

Program Vision:

To be a premier center for training and research in biomedical informatics 

Program Mission:

To develop the next generation of biomedical informaticians who will advance research and practice in contemporary  information and knowledge management using innovative evidence based approaches to improve human health. 


  • To lead innovative interdisciplinary research and development in biomedical informatics
  • To prepare graduate students to conduct advanced basic and applied research, to address local, national, and international needs in health information and communications technology.
  • To prepare students to be leaders in academic research and health care 


The strength of this joint program co-located at UNMC and UNO lies in the ability to leverage expertise across The University of Nebraska campuses to provide a strong educational & research program with strengths in biologic, healthcare and technological aspects of biomedical informatics. 

Participating units

Program Description:

The BMI graduate program consists of a common required foundation, research seminars and colloquia, a major field of study (track at UNMC), and a minor field of study or cognate area of study (any related field of study for which a graduate degree is offered on either campus). Students interested in obtaining an MS in BMI will complete their degree requirements with a minimum of 36 credit hours. Prior credit may be used towards waiving some of the requirements for the MS and PhD in BMI degrees at the recommendation of the Supervisory Committee. This determination will be made by the appropriate campus-based Graduate Committee or its designee. Students will complete the Master’s portion of the program in accordance with the graduate studies bulletin requirements. As with most graduate programs, the specific program plan pursued by a student will be highly personalized in terms of course work and research training depending on their interests and interactions with faculty advisors. 

 Individualized programs of study will be designed to accommodate students existing knowledge and career goals.  Distance options (telephone conferencing, virtual network, and e-learning tools) are available for most courses.  Students work closely with faculty members involved in informatics research and development.  Research opportunities exist in the basic science at UNMC, information technology at UNO, and applied sciences at the College of Public Health and the College of Medicine.



    James McClay, MD, MS

    Associate Professor

    University of Nebraska Medical Center

    Omaha, NE 68198-1150

    Phone: 402-559-3587



    Linda Bottom

    University of Nebraska Medical Center

    Omaha, NE 68198-1150

























UNMC Events

Admission Deadlines

U.S. Applicants

Spring Semester – October 1

Summer Semester – March 1

Fall Semester - June 1


International Applicants

Spring Semester – August 1

Summer Semester – January 1

Fall Semester - April 1