Cell Signaling

Cell Signaling Faculty List

In the past several years, the area of Cell Signaling has emerged as a major field in its own right. While the field of biochemistry has traditionally been focused on enzymology and structural proteins, results from recent years indicate that there is a huge number of proteins whose function is to modulate various aspects of cell signaling. These range from the literally hundreds of cell surface receptors that mediate cell-to-cell signals, to a wide array of second messenger and transducer proteins that convert activated receptors into intracellular biochemical/electrical signals. In recent years, it has become appreciated that these signals are not linear pathways emanating from individual receptors, but rather a network of interconnected signaling pathways which integrate signals from a variety of extracellular and intracellular sources. Thus a difficult, but exciting, challenge will be to determine how these various cellular signals work together to regulate the many aspects of cell function. At UNMC, investigators interested in cell signaling are focused on mechanisms that control cell proliferation (see also Cancer Biology), brain function (see also Neuroscience), stem cell fate (see also Cell and Developmental Biology), and cardiovascular diseases (see also Cardiovascular Biology).

Research Programs

Receptor mechanisms in cell-to-cell signaling:

  • Growth factor receptor signal transduction pathways
  • G-Protein receptor signal transduction pathways
  • Ionotropic receptor signal transduction pathways
  • Cytokine and chemokine signal transduction

Cell signaling and cell proliferation/differentiation:

  • Regulation of cell proliferation: carcinogenesis
  • Regulation of cell proliferation: atherosclerosis
  • Mechanisms of cyclins
  • Oncogene function
  • Regulation of stem cell fate

Intracellular cell signaling mechanisms in normal function and disease:

  • Kinases and phosphatases in cell signaling
  • Molecular mechanisms of synaptic learning and memory
  • Regulation of ion channels in diabetes
  • Regulation of ion channels in congestive heart failure