Research Interests

The general research themes are listed below; more detail is found in the linked pages.  For specific information about the research interests of the various laboratories, see the faculty pages.  See also publications by BRTP students.

Cancer Biology research programs:
-Causes of cancer
-Molecular and cellular ramifications of cancer
-Diagnostics and therapeutics

Cardiovascular Biology research programs:
-Cardiovascular development
-Cell transport and signaling
-Microvascular function
-Neurohumoral control

Cell and Developmental Biology research programs:
-Stem cells in development
-Gene-environmental interactions in development
-Mechanisms of development

Cell Signaling research programs:
-Receptor mechanisms in cell-to-cell signaling
-Cell Signaling and cell proliferation/differentiation
-Intracellular cell signaling mechanisms in normal function and disease

Genetics research programs:
-Genetics of human diseases
-Developmental genetics
-Gene-environment interactions

Immunology research programs:
-Immunology and disease
-Neuroimmunologic interactions

Molecular Biology research programs:
-Gene expression and regulation
-Analysis of protein structure/function relationships
-Transgenic Animal Models
-Genomics and bioinformatics

Neuroscience research programs:
-Neurodevelopment and neurosignaling
-Neurovirology and neurodegeneration