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Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office

If there is not a coordinator listed for the type of clinical trial you are looking for, call the

Cancer Center HelpLine at 1-800-999-5465.

Breast. Lymphoma, Leukemia - Mary Mailliard 402-559-5582
Gastrointestinal [GI] (esophagus, stomach, colon, pancreas), Multiple Myeloma, MDS - Mary (Beth) Kos 402-559-4726
Lung, Genitourinary [GU] (kidney, bladder) , Prostate - Faye Park 402-559-8511

Clinical Research Management Contacts

Lymphoma Susan Blumel 402-559-9183
  Maribeth Hohenstein 402-559-9053
Myel/BMT Leukemia/MDS NonMaligHem Penny Hardiman 402-449-4135
  Rose Hoyt 402-559-4810 
  Sarah Radneicki 402-559-8197 
Breast Mary Mailliard 402-559-5582
Lung Sarah Radneicki 402-559-8197 
  Jolene Tijerina 402-559-8711
GastrIntestinal (GI) TBA    
Genitourinary (GU) / Prostate Terry Burke 402-559-8649
Head & Neck Rose Hoyt 402-559-4810 
Brain/Neuro Sarah Radneicki 402-559-8197 
Melanoma Jolene Tijerina 402-559-8711
Sarcoma Jolene Tijerina 402-559-8711

Multidisciplinary Teams

Oncology Hematology Clinical Faculty
Radiation Oncology Clinical Faculty
Surgical Oncology Clinical Faculty