Current Projects

Robotic Telesurgery Research – Partnering with the U.S. Army Medical Department, UNMC CAST works to bring surgical robots to the battlefield by developing technology that can be used by military personnel during combat emergencies.

Mini Surgical Robots for Space – UNMC CAST has partnered with NASA's Human Research Program to bring miniature, surgical robots to space.  We are developing surgical robots that can be used by astronauts during medical emergencies on long-term missions.

Robotic Surgical Education Training – The tools developed in our education training program provide intuitive, ergonomic, and information-rich user interaction, robotic control, multifunctionality, and dexterous motion that help overcome all of the major limitations currently shackling the progress of surgical intervention technology. 

Advanced Tools for Natural Orifice Surgery – UNMC CAST has been sponsored by the Nebraska Research Initiative to build advanced surgical devices with telemedicine capabilities.  This technology will help diagnose and surgically treat patients in rural areas.

Clinical Outcomes Research – UNMC CAST researchers analyze health outcomes data from a variety of sources to improve surgical practice.