Robotic Telesurgery Research

Miniature Robots for the Battlefield

Many battlefield deaths occur within 30 minutes of initial injury.  Immediate diagnosis and triage is required, but difficult to administer, at the site of the injury.  A simpler, more practical method should address the conditions encountered on the battlefield and be useful in treating both penetrating and blunt abdominal trauma.  Miniature, inexpensive, in vivo robots have the capability to provide basic diagnosis and triage of internal injuries in forward and other military environments.  The robot can be inserted into the patient and controlled by a surgeon in a remote location. The device will transmit live video images from the site to allow the surgeon to identify the trauma and serve as a “remote first responder.”   Eventually, a group of in vivo robots, that can provide diagnosis and therapeutic care, will be created and implemented throughout all echelons of military medical care.