Great Plains Center for Clinical and Translational Research

Christopher Kratochvil, MD
Associate Vice-Chancellor for Clinical Research, UNMC
Chief Medical Officer, UNeHealth
phone:  402-559-8490
email:  ckratoch@unmc.edu
Executive Board
Jennifer Larsen, MD
Vice-Chancellor for Research, UNMC
phone:  402-559-4837
email:  jlarsen@unmc.edu
Christopher Kratochvil, MD
Associate Vice-Chancellor for Clinical Research
Director, GP-CCTR
Chief Medical Officer, UNeHealth 
phone:  402-559-8490
email:  ckratoch@unmc.edu   
Kenneth Bayles, PhD
Associate Vice-Chancellor for Basic Science Research
phone:  402-559-4945
email:  kbayles@unmc.edu
Advisory Board
Ted Mikuls, MD
Chair, Clinical & Translational Research Support Fund
Professor, Internal Medicine Rheumatology
phone:  402-559-8168
email:  tmikuls@unmc.edu
Jane Meza, PhD
Director, CCORDA
Professor, College of Public Health - Biostatistics
phone:  402-559-6825
email:  jmeza@unmc.edu   
Babu Guda, PhD
Director, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Core
Associate Professor, Genetics, Cell Biology & Anatomy
phone:  402-559-5954
email:  babu.guda@unmc.edu
Ashok Mudgapalli, PhD
Director, Research Information Technology Office
Assistant Professor, Genetics, Cell Biology & Anatomy 
phone:  402-559-4945
email:  ashok.mudgapalli@unmc.edu
LuAnn Larson, RN, CCRP
Manager, Clinical Research Center
phone:  402-559-8555
email:  llarson@unmc.edu