Clinical Research Center

Clinical Research Center

The Clinical Research Center (CRC) is an outpatient clinical research facility with skilled research nurses and a core laboratory which can also assists with inpatient protocols.  More than 50 protocols and 100 investigators, on average, are supported by CRC resources. The CRC is located on the third floor of the University Hospital, room 3480.

UNMC investigators apply for use of CRC space, research nurse support and/or research lab support.  Support is awarded based on three criteria: (1) the quality and significance of the research, (2) special need for the unique facilities of the unit and (3) the potential for the project to be eligible for extramural funding.

The CRC serves as a resource for the teaching and training of medical students, residents, fellows and other health providers in the skills of clinical investigation through a sponsored annual clinical research course, a quarterly clinical research coordinators workshop, review of fellow-sponsored research applications and individualized instruction on research billing.

Clinical Translational Research Support Fund

TNMC in partnership with the UNMC College of Medicine has established the CT Research Support Fund. This funding program is a write-off fund that supports clinical research performed on campus. Protocols submitted for consideration are reviewed by the CT Research Review Committee for scientific merit, relevance and feasibility, once approved the costs of specified hospital charges for tests/services that are performed on campus are written off.

The CT Research Review Committee meets monthly to review applications.

The Committee meets the second Tuesday of the Month. 

Protocols must be submitted 3 weeks prior to the meeting date.