C/T Research Review Committee

Members of the Clinical/Translational Research Review Committee are appointed by the Dean of the College of Medicine on a limited term basis.  This committee meets monthly.  All protocols seeking Clinical Research Center (CRC) support must be reviewed and approved for scientific merit, relevance and feasibility by the committee. Voting members are MD, PhD, and PharmD investigators with diverse research experience and statistical expertise to offer critical advice and constructive guidance.  The Committee also serves as the CRC Advisory Committee which supervises and reviews CRC operations and establishes CRC policies and procedures. 

2014 Committee

Review Committee Member Department Contact Information
Bruce Buehler, MD
(Research Subject Advocate)
MMI Genetics Medicine
zip 5150
phone:  402-559-3446
email:  bbuehler@unmc.edu
Ted Mikuls, MD, MSPH
(Committee Chair)
COM Internal Medicine, Rheumatology
zip 6270
email:  tmikuls@unmc.edu
phone:  402-559-8168
Peter Coccia, MD COM Pediatric Oncology/Hematology
zip 2168
email:  pcoccia@unmc.edu
phone:  402-559-7257
Patrick Fuller, PharmD COP Pharmacy Practice
zip 1090
email:  pfuller2@nebraskamed.com
phone:  402-559-8253
Alison Freifeld, MD COM Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease
zip 7696
email:  afreifeld@unmc.edu
phone:  402-559-8650
Walt Jesteadt, PhD Boys Town National Research Hospital
555 N 30th Street
Omaha, NE  68131
email:  walt.jesteadt@boystown.org
phone:  402-498-6704
Jiangtao Luo, PhD COPH Biostatistics
zip  4375
email:  jiangtao.luo@unmc.edu
phone:  402-559-1976
Christopher Kratochvil, MD
(Vice Chancellor for Clinical Research)
COM Psychiatry
zip  7878
email:  ckratoch@unmc.edu
phone:  402-559-8490
LuAnn Larson, RN, BSN, CCRC Clinical Research Unit
zip  1230
email:  llarson@unmc.edu
phone:  402-559-8555
Kaleb Michaud, PhD COM Internal Medicine, Rheumatology
zip  6270
email:  kmichaud@unmc.edu
phone:  402-552-3354
Pinaki Panigrahi, MD, PhD COPH Epidemiology
zip  4370 
email:  ppanigrahi@unmc.edu
phone:  402-552-6682
Troy Plumb, MD  COM Internal Medicine, Nephrology
zip  3040 

email:  tplumb@unmc.edu
phone:  402-559-9227

Steven Schreiner, PhD UNeMed Corporation
zip 6099
email:  sjschreiner@unmc.edu
phone: 402-559-2176
Christopher (Chris) Shaffer, PharmD COP Pharmacy Practice
zip  6045 
email:   cshaffer@unmc.edu
phone:  402-559-2590
Ka-Chun (Joseph) Siu, PhD

SAPH, Physical Therapy
zip 4420

email:  kcsiu@unmc.eu
phone: 402-559-8464
Bernice Yates, RN, PhD  CON  Adult Health & Illness
zip  5330
email:   bcyates@unmc.edu
phone:  402-559-5460
Gary Yee, PharmD  COP Pharmacy Practice
zip  6045

email:  gcyee@unmc.edu
phone:  402-559-2415

Bradley (Brad) Britigan, MD
ex officio
COM  Dean
zip  5520
email:   bradley.britigan@unmc.edu
phone:  402-559-8878